Yallourn North is a small country town in the City of Latrobe, Victoria, Australia. It is approximately 8km north-east of Moe, and 146km south-east of Melbourne. It is our little town on the hill.

Picturesque and surrounded by undulating hills and meandering roads, Yallourn North is very much a hidden secret.

Although with very humble beginnings driven by a need for electricity, Yallourn North has become a bespoke and community orientated township with thriving clubs and social groups. It still manages to hold ties to its coal mining past, with many of the townspeople still working within the electricity industry. Some have since retired, and new faces continue to emerge bringing new thoughts and vibrancy.

38° 9′ 36.6660” S
146° 21′ 44.7696” E

In the heart of the town is the School, Recreation Oval, Hall, Lions Park, and Bowls club. There are a few local shops and a Foodworks supermarket that service the local needs, with varying styles of other businesses spread throughout the region.

The Rossmore hotel serves as the local watering hole and many locals will head there for pool on a Tuesday, a quiet meal on a Thursday, and a cold beer on Friday and Saturday. If that isn’t to your liking, there is always Line Dancing at Monash Hall, as well as the Spinners Club for those more akin to textiles.

Plenty of sporting clubs keep the townfolk occupied. Football is a favorite for many on a weekend and the surrounding towns offer great competition and sportsmanship. Netball is popular, and the Cricket Club boasts class leading facilities. Many other clubs and activities are just a short drive away.

With a population of about 1600, Yallourn North proves a central location whatever your interests are. With fishing in all directions, snow to the north, beaches to the south, and the city to the west, you will always find something to occupy your spare time. There are many tourist attractions within Gippsland, and many even the locals admit are well hidden to the untrained eye. National parks are on our doorstep and warrant investigation, so be sure to check them out.

Be part of our community

For some, the time has come to move on and seek new horizons. Others are building new homes in land parcels around the outskirts of town. This provides an opportunity for new faces to come and join our community, and discover what Yallourn North has to offer. And we welcome you. If you are thinking of a tree change, jump on the net and see what properties are for sale. There might just be one that takes your eye.