The aim of this website is to be an open online portal for all aspects of the Yallourn North community and township. For easy access, it brings all the clubs, businesses, and activities into one central location. It allows any person from around the globe who wishes to know more about our township, its history, and its future, to access this information quickly and in a user friendly way.

Its intent is to open dialogue between all the groups, clubs, and businesses within our community, as well as to encourage curiosity and investigation amongst people from all walks of life, locally, nationally and internationally.

The site also offers some varying tourist information for surrounding areas, which illustrates the central location the town affords to many other areas of interest.

The maroon colour used throughout the website aims to respect the historical and country nature of the township, and aligns fittingly with the towns historical and current colour scheme. The font used for the heading “Yallourn North” on the home page, is the same font used for the town entry signage and the Yallourn North Community News monthly newsletter. Its use aims to illustrate the town’s endeavour to operate in an increasingly coordinated and cooperative fashion. The modern design of the website represents the town’s progressive nature, as it prepares for and heads beyond its centenary in 2017. Overall the design aims to honour and respect our past, while preparing for a new and exciting future.

The website project began in 2013 within YNAG under the leadership of Anthony Wasiukiewicz, and kindly supported by the team at Gippsland’s premier Creative Digital Development studio, Scribblevision, in the area of technical development.