The Yallourn North Primary School (School #3967) had very humble beginnings. With the formation of a township around the quickly expanding coal mine, the need for a school became evident.

In 1917, W. H. Dooley reported that a school should be formed, but not a costly one. The address of the school was given as “Great Morwell Coal Mine” and a large Marquee was initially used as the school building. The school officially commenced in 1918 and was allocated the temporary number 3967, which ended up being more permanent given it is still in use today nearly 100 years later! After a tear in the marquee during a storm in December 1918, the school was temporarily relocated to Bevis’s Pioneer Boarding House until a new structure could be built on the old site.

YNPS ~1950

 YNPS Circa 1950 looking south west

A timber clad school was then built. Over the years demand grew, as did the space required, so the school grew with it. In 1925 the school was renamed Brown Coal Mine School, and then in 1947 it was renamed Yallourn North State School. The current school was built in 1976. It has been upgraded over this time and still serves the local community well.

YNPS today

YNPS today looking south east

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For more detail on local history contact The Old Brown Coal Mine Museum

With assistance from The Old Brown Coal Mine – Kath Ringin – ISBN 0 9588501 0 0