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Lawn Mower Lotto – Come in spinner!

Yallourn North Cricket Club held their inaugural Lawn Mower Lotto day on the 26th February. It all took place behind the hall, at the newly crowed spectator lawn at McGregor Reserve. Over 150 club and community members attended on the day, to take part in the family atmosphere and competition. Making it a great success.

The idea behind the event was to create some promotional vibe for the club. And didn’t it just. The sun was shining, the mower was full, and the spit was cooking nicely. The freshly laid lawn was decked with hay bales, totem tennis and quoits, which kept the kidlets occupied for hours. Family photos were taken on the mower at the beginning of the day to serve as a memento. And the Strzelecki Stringbusters prepared for their afternoon of twang.

The premise of the competition is to ‘pick a post’. All around the oval boundary people head, to put their luck on a bit of steel. The mower then starts the circular task of cutting the grass, in a round-about way. The tags were on. The mower fan-belt spun. And hopes were high for a big cash win.

People picked their posts. A small fortune to be won.

Will Platschinda and Connor Downey teamed up on the ride-on to get the competition under way. And aimed to raise some money for their World Challenge trip to Cambodia. Around and around they went, mowing the lawn from the pitch towards the boundary, in hope that the fuel would run out soon. But that was not to be. The tank was loaded. The mower new. And fuel efficiency came into play.

As the day wore on the food was cooked and consumed, all washed down with a healthy dose of beverage. $50 got you a meal and a ticket, in the hope that your boundary post was the lucky one.

The circle work begins.

Nonagon of strings.

High hopes for their post.

Made the boundary. But the mower kept on.

In the end local fella Johnny Wirz took the helm, and continued with the circle work. The younger blokes had had a big day, and the mower kept on giving. So round and round the mower continued, wearing a well pressed path around the edges.

Eventually the Country Clipper spluttered and stalled, right at the front of the crowd. The measure was brought out, and the result unanimous amongst the judges – local bloke Peter Baillie won the $2,000. Congrats!

A big thanks to all who helped organise the day, especially the Keily and Keyhoe families. And Rattle for organising the spit! 6am start is a fair effort on a Sunday.

Thanks to the club sponsors – S&S Equipment Hire, Energy Australia, YN Hotel, YNUFB, Gregory’s Sports, Bob Jane T-Mart, and Monash Hall who all made the day a massive success.

You don’t often get that much fun for a pineapple these days. So pencil it in for next year!

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The younglings loved the new spectator lawn.


A photograph for the scrapbook.

Lucky (out)door and run for a post prizes were awarded.


And the winner is…


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