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Planting and naming at the Hall and Rec

As part of the long term plans for the Yallourn North Hall and Recreation Reserve, some various working bees have taken place over the year. The committee also took steps to formalise renaming sections of the reserve.

In July, and taking full advantage of the off-season, 10 volunteers set upon planting the new garden beds at the Tennis Court Reserve. This area had been prepared earlier on with assistance of more volunteers, and the like of S&S Equipment Hire and Drop & Leave.

Members of the community had donated some plants, and others came courtesy of Latrobe City Council. While there had been a few late scratchings in attendance on the day, there was more than enough people to assist and get the job done. Volunteers weren’t going to give up despite the big job, and didn’t stop until the new mulch was laid and the plants planted.

In late 2015 the Hall and Recreation Reserve committee undertook community consultation with regards to formally naming the reserve and grounds. Recently, based on this consultation, they decided to name the full reserve after Alec and Pat McGregor. However the committee was undecided on how to properly honour those who contributed to the tennis club.

Later in the year an article was discovered in a 1965 edition of the Latrobe Valley Express. It indicated that Mrs Betty Foley had been involved with the Tennis Club since that time. Mrs Foley remained actively involved until the clubs final demise in more recent years. So the committee unanimously agreed to name the corner after Betty at their meeting on the 25th September.

The hall itself has always been affectionately known as Monash Hall, however its naming was never formalised. So this will be undertaken as part of the naming processes. A historical plaque will be installed for the Hall and Reserve and Tennis Corner, along with signs displaying the new names.

The Hall and Recreation Reserve committee is seeking funding options for the installation of a bench and drinking fountain to finalise the tennis corner area.

Water fights becoming a recurring theme at Yallourn North working bees.. 

Jobs done!

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