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The gardens continue at YNPS

Many hands make light work

After successful implementation of the Sensory Garden in March, little did folks know that plans were afoot for more garden works at Yallourn North Primary School as well. Kurnai College had put the feelers out via Facebook for potential projects for their VCAL students. And a quick thinking resident got in touch and suggested that there were still areas at the school needing some love.

Previously the primary school had a Kitchen Garden program, however in recent years the area had become overgrown and unkempt. After negotiations between the two schools, Kurnai College agreed to spend an entire school term improving the primary school.

Tired and unkempt the Kitchen Garden had seen better days

The work began in late April, and the students quickly set about the big task of cleaning up the dedicated areas. Weeds were pulled. Old timber removed. And the ground all leveled for brand new installations and planting.

Each week the hard working team of students returned and continued with the improvements. The weather was favorable, and the work continued steadily – brick by brick one would say. Some students branded the shovels. Others gave the compound saw a go. And the wheelbarrows sure did get a workout.

Teams hard at work on various tasks

Various dedicated seating areas were installed. And new garden beds appeared. Other ones were reinvigorated with new planting and mulch. There was even a little pond that was created. Week by week and panel by panel a chook pen was erected. The question remains though, who gets the eggs?!

At the end of the term the school grounds are looking fantastic. And we cannot offer enough thanks to Kurnai College for their assistance. The students did an amazing job. And their generosity cannot be understated. We trust they all learned valuable skills through delivery of the project, that they can use later in the working careers. We wish them all the best.

Looking great!

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